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Coños : Fiche Juan Manuel de Prada

Coños : Fiche

Juan Manuel de Prada

Published 1998
160 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book is another proof that erotica and naughty writings are hardly ever well written or good. I didnt have high expectations and sadly so, even the lowest ones werent met. The only things that actually worked were the short story structure and the endings of those said stories. Though the endings were kind of similar, but still.The hype around this is basically the same as with 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed only that was in Italy and this in Spain. Most of the stories in this book are plain nasty or weird - its hard to try to imagine what is the point of most of them. The only thing left is the shock value thats old. Sometimes de Prada is great at depicting things in the book, but mostly the text seems lame and even boring. The stories are not that amazing either and constructing this book around vaginas isnt enough.