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Journey to Light: Meditation For The Soul Beth Lynch

Journey to Light: Meditation For The Soul

Beth Lynch

Published February 1st 2010
Kindle Edition
99 pages
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 About the Book 

Journey To Light Meditation for the Soul is a personal journey into the relationship between Self and Spirit. The Soul in physical expression is experiencing the duality of Self (personality) and Spirit (relationship with the Divine). It is through meditation and living in awareness with who we really are we heal, love and live the life we deserve. Journey To Light takes you through meditations which guide you to understand the language of the Soul. Teaching you how to quiet the mind, heal the heart and live intuitively. Often we do not feel we have the time to meditate. The Journeys will be an simple way to incorporate meditation into your daily life or enhance the meditation practice you already have. The self-discipline that you will acquire will affect all areas of your life. In meditation you unite mind, heart, body and Spirit. In this moment you are nurturing the relationship between Self and Spirit. You will learn they are not separate, but One. You will heal, love and live a life of greater purpose, joy and abundance. This is your Divine right. You will carry this energy as a positive light for yourself as well as those around you. There are many ways to use Journey To Light Meditations so I encourage you to try them all. The commitment to time is minimal, the benefits a lifetime. Give your Self, Spirit, family and friends the gift of love, light and healing by living in higher awareness of who you are. Journey to your light, heal your heart and free your Soul. Contact Beth for more information on how to take her along on the journey as a Spiritual Consultant.