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MRS. POLLIFAX, INNOCENT TOURIST (Mrs. Pollifax, Book 13) Dorothy Gilman


Dorothy Gilman

ISBN : 9783886210824
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 About the Book 

In Mrs. Pollifax, Innocent Tourist, Mrs. P teams up with old buddy/comrade John Sebastian Farrell as they head off to Jordan to rendezvous with a contact who was trying to smuggle some top secret information out of Iraq, written in code in the guide of a novel. It starts out as a simple courier assignment--which, when Mrs. P is involved, always ends up being anything but.I really, really liked this one. Part of the reason is that it paid homage to its roots. There were so many references to previous adventures that it was a great way to look back on what is one of my most favorite series (especially since this is the second-to-last Mrs. Pollifax book that Dorothy Gilman wrote...so thats very fitting, in a bittersweet/nostalgic kind of way.) It really served to show just how far our beloved Mrs. P has come, from her moment of doubt on the roof of her old apartment building while watering her geraniums, so long ago. And how much her life has been enriched since then. One of the best part of these books is that I always feel like I was there with her, through it all, which is really cool.True to Dorothy Gilman form, we learn some new words--Arabic, this time--and some information on a few of the places to see in Jordan. I was enchanted by the fact that the ancient city of Petra was worked into the storyline...just like Mrs. P, Ive always been fascinated by that place and hope to see it someday. How cool that I got to see it vicariously, at least, through Mrs. Ps eyes.I also love the dynamic between Mrs. Pollifax and Farrell. They are such wonderful counterpoints and play off each other nicely--adventurous, curious, and witty Mrs. P, and somewhat-sarcastic, playboy-yet-gentleman Farrell. One of the scenes, where they sat reminiscing about old times and past adventures, was very poignant to read, again because it made me remember all of the places Mrs. P has seen and all of the adventures she has been on.Theres a lot of action...and they are on the move constantly, from one place to another (I like that)...some great secondary characters...and a few unexpected twists and turns, too. Very well done.