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Hills of Sorrow Danielle  Lewis

Hills of Sorrow

Danielle Lewis

Published March 15th 2012
Kindle Edition
276 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Its the first day of class, and even from across the room Daisy Foresters beautiful green eyes and soft-spoken voice have captured forever the heart of Dakota Blackwood. They reluctantly separate for college, but eventually the distance causes them to grow apart, and Daisy becomes involved with another man.Torn and lonely, Dakota cant accept the prospect of living without her. He tries to remain a part of her life, no matter how small, but cant understand shy his letters are only greeted with a cold silence - why she has cut him completely out of her life. Meanwhile, Daisy finds herself caught in something she never asked for, and tries desperately to regain a life now spun violently out of her control. Unbeknownst to Dakota, his letters may be her only salvation...