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I am filled with good luck Lanni Tolls

I am filled with good luck

Lanni Tolls

Kindle Edition
38 pages
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 About the Book 

The words you speak and think create your life. What you are saying and thinking determinate your life.Affirmations are words or phrases said over and over again to affirm a thought about yourself or about others. That is the way you have form your negative and positive programming through out your life, saying things about yourself over and over again. When our thoughts are repeated long enough, they soon become a belief and then we think this belief is our reality, what cant be further from the truth. This is how we form fears of lack, poverty, health, not enough, weight, relationships, etc.Because we created these beliefs we can change them. This is where the real freedom comes from.Practice saying your affirmations for 20 minutes a day every day.The most important thing is to do it consistently. This is where most people fail. They don’t do it consistently, they do it on and off, and so they don’t get the results. If you’re not going to do it consistently and every day 100%, then don’t even buy this book. Its not going to work for you.Do not wait around for your life to get better. Use affirmations today to set an intention for your wonderful life.