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The Fire Letters Eli Ausra

The Fire Letters

Eli Ausra

Published February 3rd 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Twenty-nine year old Neringa is cursed by Darius, her Lithuanian grandfather, who says she will never love or be loved again after his beloved son dies on the way to Neringas wedding. And as the years pass, it appears Dariuss curse was effective. But after the old man passes away, her grandmother Ilona tells Neringa that throwing his ashes in the ocean will lift the curse, so the two head to the coast. Along the way, they meet a man whose seemingly chance encounter with them hides a secret, and through the words of a ghostly woman in twinset and pearls they learn of Darius’s first love, left behind in war-torn Lithuania. Realizing that life is more precarious, and mysterious, than shed thought, Neringa rewrites her future, while Ilona brings to light a new image of herself as one who loved and was loved.THE FIRE LETTERS is set in the meadows of pre-World War II Lithuania and the back roads of Connecticut as Neringa and Ilona journey to the ocean on the summer solstice in 1976. Their companions—-old letters and photos salvaged by Neringa from a fire Ilona started—-magically summon spirits bringing stories where everyday life and magic collide. It is the first in a three-book series about three wise women who meet life and love head-on.