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The Inexplicable Laws Of Success: Discover The Hidden Truths That Separate The Best From The Rest Virend Singh

The Inexplicable Laws Of Success: Discover The Hidden Truths That Separate The Best From The Rest

Virend Singh

Published March 1st 2015
Kindle Edition
178 pages
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 About the Book 

Success is an elusive thing! Only a minority of people achieves noteworthy success in life...and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this happening.Offering powerful insights into the reality that separate the Best from the Rest, The Inexplicable Laws of Success is perhaps the first and only self-help book that provides a complete map or picture of how to be successful in life. It makes extensive use of pertinent motivational quotes and inspirational stories to drive home the keys to success in life. Importantly, the content is carefully structured to show the connectivity between key success principles and exactly how they engender spectacular accomplishment.Professional Appraisal:I am continually amazed by Verushas passion to assist individuals in their personal growth. She writes in way that is motivating and inspirational.- Deepak Chopra, International Best-Selling AuthorNote that there are two distinct editions of this book - The Classic Edition and the Pocket Edition. The Classic Edition comprises the original manuscript with the complete content as the authors intended it to be conveyed. The Pocket Edition is an abridged version for readers who want the content in fewer words while retaining the essence of the original.Many people dont understand the subtleties of the laws and principles that govern success. Some things are so inconspicuous and under-the-radar that they seem mystifying and unattainable. But, thats not the case. Truth be told, success is attainable by ANYONE.A profound truth about success is: You dont get what you want in life- you get what you are.Successful people are different whether they are aware of it or not.The Inexplicable Laws of Success reveals many of those differences. It shatters commonly held beliefs about success and sheds light on some little-known, if not little-understood, truths that make all the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary.Professional Appraisal:This book gives ideas and insights into unlocking and releasing your full potential for happiness and success.- Brian Tracy, International Best-Selling AuthorEach of us has a map or understanding of reality. For the vast majority of us, that map is incomplete. Imagine navigating a vast new territory or region with an incomplete map! Clearly, it would be a harrowing experience. So it is with life. Without all the pieces, life would be an ongoing challenge and a frustrating experience. Most people can relate to this.This book changes everything! It fills in the missing pieces and completes your map of reality. In doing so, you experience an awakening, a dramatic shift in your vision and you see life from a completely new perspective. It feels like the search for the truth has ended and a new dimension of understanding has begun...and its time to leave your old self behind and begin your journey afresh with a new sense of awareness.Professional Appraisal:The Inexplicable Laws of Success is a book with the potential to change countless lives. The wisdom and pragmatic advice given in this volume could benefit everyone. In some ways it is a magical book, which combines ancient wisdom with practical, modern methods.- John Harricharan, Award winning author of the best-seller, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat.NB: The Inexplicable Laws of Success is not just another self-help book. It is a concise and profound book that invites ancient, but strangely advanced ideas into our lives and gives us new understandings of many timeless, pure truths about prosperity.