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Design and Creation of Jewelry Robert Von Neumann

Design and Creation of Jewelry

Robert Von Neumann

Published June 1st 2003
ISBN : 9780801970672
321 pages
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 About the Book 

The Design And Creation of Jewelry is a standard reference for hundreds of thousands of craftspeople, professional jewelry designers, and students of jewelry making. In the third edition of his perennial classic, Robert von Neumann refines, updates and expands his invaluable compendium of basic jewelry-making processes and techniques. And he leads both the beginner and advanced jewelry designer along the adventurous path of exploration and experimentation.The author describes jewelry-making materials and tools, including directions for setting up and equipping the workshop, and such basic techniques as transferring designs to metal, cutting, stamping soldering, pickling, coloring, polishing, and applying fittings and findings. There is new information on heat coloring, electrochemical polishing, burnout (wax elimination), vacuum-assisted casting, making rubber molds, and the fascinating techniques of marrying metals and thin-guage lamination. Up-to-date material on electroforming and reticulation is also included.Hundreds of new photographs and descriptive drawings clarify techniques, illustrate new tools and specialized equipment for the workshop, and show the work of scores of artists working in repousse and chasing, annealing, casting, engraving, etching, filigree, inlay and overlay, enameling, niello, lamination, and granulation.